Cumbria Way Photos


This website has sadly been ‘mothballed’ as of January 2023 and once the hosting has finished I will take it down completely. This is due, mainly, to the fact that I moved to Spain in 2020 and location and time constraints make it difficult to keep the site as up to date as I would like.

For those who want more information in the future then there is an excellent Facebook page offering up to date tips, advice and information on all things Cumbria Way related and this can be found at – if you have Facebook then I would highly recommend you joining this active group.

There is also a relatively new webpage dedicated to the Cumbria Way and although it is short on information as of January 2023, hopefully it will grow and fill the void left by me decommissioning this site. More information can be found at

Cumbria Way Photo Gallery

On this page I have collected a series of images taken along the length of the route. The Cumbria Way Photo Gallery has been split into 5 stages to mimic how this site describes the Cumbria Way walk. The stages are broken down into the ‘normal’ 5 day duration of a Cumbria Trip as follows. Ulverston to Coniston, Coniston to Great Langdale, Great Langdale to Keswick, Keswick to Caldbeck and Caldbeck to Carlisle.

Please note that all images in the Cumbria Way Photo Gallery are copyright to the photographer mentioned. No image is to be re-used in any way without prior permission from myself or the photographer credited. 

Suggested walking site to visit .....

If you enjoy looking at photos taken whilst out walking then I heartily can recommend visiting Dave, Angie and Fudge’s site at They have assembled hundreds of photos from their walks, not only in the Lake District, but all over the UK including their multi-day long distance walks. Dave was kind enough to allow me to use some of his photos on this site and the least I can do is send some visitors his way. Take a look and if you enjoy the site then say hello.